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Reviews: Samsung NX10

by PhotoVideoOnline on 10/12/2010

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The first interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) with a relatively large APS-C-size sensor. . .

  • 18-55mm OIS Lens
  • 14.6 Effective Megapixels
  • 3.1x Optical Zoom Equivalent (with included lens)
  • APS-C Size Samsung CMOS
  • 720p HD Video Recording
  • Interchangeable Lens

Samsung NX10 Digital Camera Review
The NX10 can shoot 720p videos at 30fps with mono sound till the file size limit of 4GB or time limit of 25mins is reached. You can also shoot in VGA (640*480) or QVGA (320*240) sizes.
There is no continues auto focus available though you can use the depth of field button found on the front of the camera to refocus during recording. Image stabilization is available if the lens is equipped with one.
10th October 2010
Samsung NX10 [REVIEW]
The Samsung NX10 has undoubted appeal, not only because of its surprisingly good image capture ability but also compact size — and price!
August 2010
Shoot-Out: Interchangeable Lens Compacts
Sony's NEX-5, Samsung's NX10 and Panasonic's Lumix G2 tested and compared.
Consumer electronics giants are changing the way we photograph. Panasonic, Samsung, and now Sony are packing a slew of new features, from touchscreen focus control to 3D panorama shooting, into small cameras that have large sensors and trim lenses you can swap out. Indeed, among the traditional camera makers, only Olympus with its Micro Four Thirds Pen line has participated so far in the rise of interchangeable lens compact (ILC) cameras.
22nd July 2010
Samsung's NX10 interchangeable-lens camera
The Samsung NX10, another entry in the growing compact interchangeable-lens camera category, takes up less room in your camera bag than most DSLRs, while still featuring a 14.6 megapixel, APS-C, CMOS image sensor, 3-inch LCD, and the Samsung NX mount for interchangeable lenses.
21th July 2010
Samsung NX10 In Depth Review
At the beginning of this year, Samsung unveiled a new camera system, the “NX” series, headlined with the launch of new mirrorless interchangable lens camera.
24th June 2010
DCRP Review: Samsung NX10
The NX10 ($699) marks Samsung's bold entry into the increasingly competitive interchangeable lens camera market. It's designed to go head-to-head with the likes of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 and, to a lesser extent, the more compact (and viewfinder-less) Olympus E-PL1 and Sony NEX-5 cameras.
1st June 2010
Samsung NX10 – raising the stakes
As I’m testing the Samsung NX10, the new Sony NEX-3/-5 is released, and it strikes me that Samsung is the odd man out for looking so much like a small DSLR. The NX10 is the workhorse PC here, while Olympus and Sony follow the Mac style. Pansonic’s Lumix G range comes in fashion colours too, but the Samsung is black or white.
19th May 2010
Samsung NX10 review - Is this high-res hybrid more than just an SLR-a-like?
Samsung's been trying to break into the lucrative keen-amateur camera market for some years now, and the Samsung NX10 is its best effort to date.
18th May 2010
Samsung NX10 hybrid camera review - Will this upset the Micro Four Thirds cart?
The Samsung NX10 is a serious entry into the hybrid sector for the Korean company, a company that competes it pretty much every sector of the consumer electronics market.
Score: 9/10
18th May 2010
Samsung NX10 Review
The NX10 offers DSLR-like image quality, versatility and adjustability with sub-DSLR size and weight. It's a worthy competitor to Micro Four Thirds cameras.
17th May 2010
On Vacation with the Olympus E-PL1 and Samsung NX10 by Jonathan Wong
Hello, my name is Jonathan. I have a problem.
I admit it: I like to receive praise for my photos. Whether it be a friend commenting on a picture of my home-mangled dinner, or the bride and groom claiming that my photos are “better than the pro’s”. It’s feel-good, ego-boosting validation for taking the effort to put myself in the right place, at the right time and press the right buttons. But this is not my problem.
5th May 2010
Samsung NX10 review
The Samsung NX10's slimmer body, simpler mechanics and fuss-free live view make it a compelling alternative to a digital SLR. For a first attempt at a camera of its type, Samsung's done a very impressive job
26th April 2010
Samsung NX10
The Samsung NX10 is a 14.6-megapixel digital camera with interchangeable lenses, designed to deliver SLR-like image quality, but still function more like a traditional digicam. As such, there is no optical viewfinder, and the SLR's big, noisy mirror box has been removed, allowing for a smaller camera overall.
26th April 2010
REVIEW—SAMSUNG NX10 digital camera
We have taken hundreds of test photos with the NX10 and we love it. The reduced bulk and mass mean that it is better for casual shooting than lugging a full sized DSLR around....
15th April 2010
Samsung NX10
An affordable, interchangeable-lens system camera that provides DSLR features in a compact and portable body.
Photo Review Editor's Choice
April 2010
Samsung NX10 Review
The Samsung NX10 is a new mirror-less compact digital camera with a large image sensor, electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lenses which is intended to bridge the gap between a small compact and large DSLR.
11th March 2010
Samsung NX10 Review
Samsung describes NX as a 'hybrid' system (there's still no consensus on nomenclature for this new category of camera) that (to quote the original press release) offers "the performance and image quality of a DSLR and the portability and convenience of a compact point-and-shoot". So far, so Micro Four Thirds with a bigger sensor.
March 2010
Samsung NX10 Review
The NX10 is a rather impressive little camera. Colour quibbles aside, it delivers a level of image quality you wouldn’t really expect at this price, thanks mostly to its first-rate 18-55mm kit lens. But an articulating LCD would make it even better and, small as it is, the NX10 is still much closer in size to a D-SLR than a compact
Samsung NX10 - Quick Look
At the time I received the Samsung NX10 for this testing my friend Lukas, who is also a photographer, said "I didn't know that Samsung builds such cameras" and he's not the only one for sure. Nevertheless let's have a closer look to find out whether Lukas should consider the Samsung NX as a viable camera system.
Samsung NX10
Pros: User-friendly automatic operation; good value; eye sensor EVF; image-stabilised body; HDMI out port; clear and bright rear screen
Cons: Small handgrip; fewer accessories available than for more established brands

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