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Reviews: Olympus PEN E-P2

by PhotoVideoOnline on 07/05/2011

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The stylish retro black metal body of the new E-P2 may be reminiscent of a traditional rangefinder – but there's nothing traditional about this powerful new camera from Olympus. The E-P2 is a 12.3-megapixel interchangeable lens camera, and it blends the high-quality still images of a DSLR with High Definition (HD) video, stereo Linear PCM audio recording and in-camera creativity – all inside an ultra-portable, easy-to-use body.

Which One: Olympus EP-3 vs Olympus EP-2
As a proud owner of the Olympus EP-2 (E-P2, or EP2) and after having the Olympus EP-3 (also called the Olympus Pen, EP3, and E-P3) in my hands for a while, one wonders if it’s worth the upgrade. Sure, the Olympus EP-3 does much to make it stand out from its predecessor. However, some features may not be notable enough to current EP-2 owners. So is it really worth the upgrade?
July 5, 2011
Canon 5D Mk II vs Olympus EP-2: Studio Review
More than anything, my Canon 5D Mk II and Olympus EP-2 are both extremely important to me and for the most part, serve different purposes. Then one day, I was given the request from a co-worker/reader to make the two duel it out to see if the Olympus EP-2 is worth being called a professional’s backup camera. As a studio shooter these days, it only makes sense to see if the two can stay toe to toe in the studio. Throughout my time with the camera, I’ve already seen that the Olympus EP-2 is capable of doing most things that professionals and hobbyists would need or ask from their cameras. Indeed, I’ve used it to shoot some photojournalism, street photography, and even some video. But let’s see how the two manage at a portrait session.
May 30, 2011
Fujifilm X100 vs Olympus EP2
We've now completed our review of the much discussed Fujifilm FinePix X100 which you will find here: Fujifilm Finepix X100 digital camera test. And last year we tested a similar sized and equally desireable Olympus PEN E-P1
So here is a quick photo comparison comparing the close up / macro features of the Fujifilm X100 with the Olympus E-P1's recent replacement, the E-P2.

March 21, 2011
It wasn’t love at first sight, but then….The Olympus PEN E-P2
The current rage of 4/3 sensor, mirrorless cameras first came onto our radar with the Olympus E-P1. One of the judges for a photo contest we ran, Let’s Do Lunch!, was Lou Manna, an Olympus Visionary photographer.
You know, every camera company has a roster of professional who use their gear and show you how to get the most out of it.
18th October 2010
The Complete Olympus EP-2 Review
Day 1- Getting a feel for the camera more.
Day 2- Tested the high ISOs and autofocus in a dimly lit bar.
Day 3- Full testing of high ISOs and art filters.
Day 4- Advantages of using the viewfinder
Day 5- With different lenses.
9th October 2010
Sony Alpha NEX-5 vs Olympus E-P2 vs Nikon D90 High ISO Noise (auto contrast modes disabled)
To compare noise levels under real-life conditions we shot this scene with the Sony Alpha NEX-5, Olympus E-P2 and the Nikon D90 within a few moments of each other at each of their ISO settings. Best quality JPEG and default noise reduction settings were used, but auto contrast modes were disabled on each camera. The NEX-5 was running firmware v2.
September 2010
Olympus E-P2 Overview
Within the electrifying world of retro-inspired Micro Four Thirds compacts resides the Olympus E-P2, which represents the company's top PEN camera. The Olympus E-P2 succeeds the hugely popular Olympus E-P1 and towers above the beginner-friendly Olympus E-PL1. Its direct competition is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2, which brings a whole lot of features to the rink that the E-P2 simply cannot contain. As a retro-inspired device that offers great image quality and space-saving dimensions, the Olympus E-P2 excels in its class. However, the jump up from the E-PL1 is really not that significant when you compare the gap between the beginner-friendly Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 and advanced Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2. Read on to see what we mean.
3rd August 2010
Olympus PEN E-P2 Review
Just as this camera arrived on the reviewing desk another PEN was announced: the PEN E-PL1. With three PENs now out there, I could almost hear the old song … ‘Every time it rains, it rains PEN-Es from heaven.” Sorry for the corn!
Olympus first broke away from the crowd with its first Micro Four Thirds camera and was quickly followed by Panasonic with their MFT lineup, then Ricoh put its hand up with the GXR. Now Sony sees a market opportunity in its EVIL range of non-mirror box, interchangeable lens cameras.
7th July 2010
Olympus E-P2 In Depth Review
It seems we had barely gotten to know the Olympus E-P1, when 5 months later Olympus decided to offer a follow up in short order. The E-P2 gave photographers the black color that one presumes customers had been craving, while feature-wise the “only” change it offered was an accessory port for attaching an external electronic viewfinder and other possible goodies. It may not seem critical for many users, but for some enthusiasts, the E-P1’s lack of a viewfinder was a rather huge minus, meaning some number of photographers were left to consider Panasonic’s GF1 instead.
9th June 2010
Olympus E-P2 / Mini Review
The Olympus Pen E-P1 was introduced last year. Olympus has updated the camera and the new version is even better than the original – which was already very good. The Olympus PEN E-P2 is the upgrade camera. Should you buy it? Read on.
3rd June 2010
Olympus E-P2
In the summer of 2009, Olympus announced the beginning of a new era of small, interchangeable-lens digital cameras, as the company debuted its first Micro Four Thirds-system camera, the Olympus E-P1. Less than five months later, the company introduced the P1's sibling -- the Olympus E-P2 -- retaining many of its predecessor's features, but with a variety of important differences. The company is continuing to align its Olympus E-P series cameras with the old PEN system of film cameras, dating back to 1959, and like the previous model , the E-P2's style reflects that heritage.
19th April 2010
Olympus E-P2 Quick Review
Ten months passed between the announcement of the Micro Four Thirds mirrorless interchangeable lens format and Olympus unveiling its first model. For much of this time Panasonic had been selling its DSLR-like G1 while all we'd see from Olympus was a design mock-up it admitted wasn't at that time feasible.
April 2010
Olympus Pen E-P2
The Olympus Pen E-P2 serves up unique in-camera controls and an attractive, durable design, but it costs significantly more than an entry-level DSLR, lacks a built-in flash, and has autofocus issues.
The 12-megapixel, interchangeable-lens Pen E-P2 is the second Micro Four-Thirds camera from Olympus. It offers the same great-looking, old-school design as its predecessor, the Olympus Pen E-P1, but ups the ante a bit with some unique in-camera modes and the inclusion of an attachable, eye-level electronic viewfinder (EVF).
25th January 2010
Olympus PEN E-P2 review
Olympus has a history of making mesmerising ad campaigns, but its latest for its Olympus PEN E-P2 camera is probably the most memorable since the "Who do you think you are? David Bailey?" ads from the 1980s.
The new pitch, fronted by Hollywood superstar Kevin Spacey, is more thought provoking.
1st January 2010
Olympus Pen E-P2 review
When photographers invest in a new camera system, it is important that there is a full range of lenses, bodies and accessories to allow them to upgrade in the future. With this in mind it is no surprise that both Olympus and Panasonic are rapidly establishing the Micro Four Thirds system by releasing cameras in quick succession.

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