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Reviews: Canon PowerShot G12

by PhotoVideoOnline on 11/17/2011

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  • HS System
  • High-sensitivity 10 MP CCD
  • 28mm wide, 5x zoom lens, Hybrid IS
  • 7.0 cm (2.8") vari-angle LCD, Electronic Level, OVF
  • Front Dial, Full Manual & RAW
  • HD movies, HDMI
  • High Dynamic Range mode
  • Smart Auto
  • Multi-Aspect Shooting
  • Extensive accessory system

Canon G12 vs. Nikon P7100 vs…
The 2011 Holiday Season is upon us and I’m sure a lot of photographers would love to receive either the Canon PowerShot G12 or the Nikon Coolpix P7100 as a gift. The Canon G-Series cameras have long been among the most popular compact digital cameras – especially for serious photographers who want something small, light and powerful to compliment their digital SLR gear. The Nikon Coolpix P7100 is Nikon’s answer to the Canon G-Series cameras. I took a closer look at both cameras at the recent PhotoPlus show in New York and was reminded how nice they really are. I decided to compare the G12 and P7100 to find out where the key differences lie.
November 17, 2011
REVIEW: Canon G12 vs S95 – Part I: First Impressions
REVIEW: Canon G12 vs S95 – Part II: Conclusions

Many of my readers have told me how much they have enjoyed my articles on the G9, G10 and G11 from Canon, but some have complained that I never featured the s90. Since these two cameras share a lot of similarities inside, I’m often asked – which one should I get OR are they really the same?
September 12, 2011
Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera Review
The Canon G12 is a high-end point-and-shoot that sports an image sensor that is larger than that typically found in a fixed lens camera. It sports an optical independent viewfinder, an articulated rear LCD, and a substantial, albeit lightweight, body size. It offers a host of manual controls and dials, including physical dials for both exposure compensation and ISO speed, in addition to both a front and rear control dial. Aimed at enthusiasts looking for greater control out of a point-and-shoot camera or as a second camera for those who want to leave the DSLR at home, the G12 offers the full photography experience in a relatively compact package.
September 9, 2011
Canon's Premier Prosumer Shooter Gets a RebootIf you’re looking for a high performance camera with great image quality, you should get a digital SLR, right?

Well yes, DSLRs are top-drawer picture-takers. But they’re bulky and they weigh a ton. They also aren’t exactly the most discreet cameras out there — put a long zoom lens on a DSLR and try to take it to a pro sporting event or a rock concert and, unless you have a press pass, you’ll be sent packing.

A far less conspicuous and more portable option is the Canon PowerShot G12, a compact, consumer-style 10-megapixel camera with the photo skills of a serious pro model.

10th February 2011

Review Canon PowerShot G12The good: Optical viewfinder; articulated LCD; built-in neutral-density filter; very good photo quality for its class.

The bad: Shot-to-shot performance still a little sluggish; some annoying controls.

The bottom line: Relatively unchanged from its predecessor, save the addition of 720p video, the Canon PowerShot G12 remains a very good, more-or-less compact model, designed to please photo enthusiasts.

4th February 2011

Canon PowerShot G12 ReviewThe G12, which updates the acclaimed G11, is an option for those who want better pictures and better features than a less well specified compact will deliver, but don't actually want to go the whole hog and plump for a DSLR. Or alternatively it can serve as a backup camera for those enthusiasts that either want a spare or backup to their SLR. It's worth noting that Canon doesn't currently offer a smaller interchangeable lens compact system camera or 'hybrid' to directly rival the Olympus Pens, Panasonic GF series, Sony NEX or Samsung NX, so, for Canon users, the G12 is currently as good as it gets for those wanting high performance from a relatively small package.

3rd February 2011

Review: Canon Powershot G12 vs. Nikon Coolpix P7000Serious photo enthusiasts usually shoot with a digital SLR but most also want a second smaller camera. A family-oriented compact digicam may be fine for snapshots, but prosumer-grade 10 megapixel models are also available. These include the new Olympus XZ-1 and two that I reviewed previously: the Panasonic Lumix DMX-LX5 and the Samsung TL500 (EX-1). This time, let's take a look at the other options: the Canon Powershot G12 and the Nikon Coolpix P7000. One of these two might also be ideal for DSLR owners who do not always want to travel with a lot of gear.

26th January 2011

Canon PowerShot G12 ReviewThe Canon PowerShot G12 is a 10MP point and shoot camera built as a compact camera for the enthusiast photographer. While it’s only a mild upgrade to the Canon PowerShot G11, it does a solid job of improving on an already great design.

24th January 2011

Canon PowerShot G12: Best-of-Breed Advanced Point-and-ShootThanks to its easy operation and adroit balance of strong performance, helpful hardware, and fun shooting modes, the 10-megapixel Canon PowerShot G12 ($500 as of January 3, 2011) earned our top pick in a recent roundup of five advanced point-and-shoot cameras. The G12 received the best overall scores in our image-quality tests--a result that merely scratches the surface of the camera's appeal.

20th January 2011

Canon PowerShot G12 digital cameraIf you want a small, well-featured camera that allows you to easily take manual control over its exposure settings, the PowerShot G12 is a good choice -- it also does HD video. However, its picture quality isn't perfect: it's grainy and there is noticeable barrel roll from the lens. Overall, though, it can capture well-defined and naturally coloured images. It's convenient for anyone -- especially travellers -- who wants an easy-to-carry camera with plenty of features.

24th November 2010

Canon Powershot G12 ReviewCanon Powershot G12 The Canon Powershot G12 is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high quality digital camera. The sharpness and clarity of the photos it takes is hard to beat. I was also bowled over by the build quality.

Owing to the number of features the Powershot G12 has it is not necessarily easy to use, but I found the camera to be well thought through and it handles very well. There are plenty of settings that you can use to fine tune your photos to get exactly the look you want your photos to have.

November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 reviewCanon's PowerShot G12 is the latest model in the company's flagship G-series, designed to satisfy the demands of enthusiasts who want a powerful compact or a pocketable backup to a DSLR. Announced in September 2010, it's the successor to the PowerShot G11.

The G12 shares a number of key specifications with its predecessor, including a 10 Megapixel sensor, 5x (28-140mm equivalent) zoom, fully articulated 2.8in screen, full manual control, flash hotshoe, RAW recording, and a retro-styled body that's packed with physical controls.

November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12Canon's PowerShot G12 digital camera is the company's latest flagship fixed-lens camera, and a direct successor to last year's PowerShot G11 model. The Canon G12 retains the same ten megapixel CCD sensor resolution as its predecessor, coupled to the same DIGIC 4 image processor that featured in both the G10 and G11. The pairing of sensor and processor has now been giving branding, described as the "HS System," with the initials standing for "High Sensitivity."

17th November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 reviewScore: 9 / 10

The G12 is Canon's new premium PowerShot digital compact and while it inherits most of the key feature of its predecessor, the G11, it also builds on these with some neat new equipment. The new kit includes a control dial on the front for enhanced handling, 720p HD movie capture, Hybrid Image Stabilisation and SDXC external storage compatibility.

16th November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 digital camera reviewCanon has an impressive amount of successful camera series. Recently, ten years of the Digital IXUS camera was celebrated, which is still a good seller. The Canon PowerShot G-series is such a camera line that is especially popular among enthusiastic amateur photographers, but also professional photographers that want to have an extra compact camera on the side. Just before the start of the Photokina 2010, Canon introduced its most recent G-model, the Canon PowerShot G12.

9th November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12The latest model in the popular G-series of digicams for photo enthusiasts adds 720p HD video recording.

Canon's PowerShot G12 can be seen as a minor or major upgrade to its predecessor, the G11 , depending on how much you want HD video capabilities. The new model arrives at $100 less than the launch price of its predecessor yet adds a 720p HD movie mode with stereo audio. For movie fans, this would represent a significant improvement on the G11's VGA video with monaural audio.

November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12As the tenth model in Canon's PowerShot G range, the G12 has matured into a very nice camera. It has a slightly reworked design and handling, a swivel LCD, a 10-Megapixel sensor, a 24-140 mm zoom lens that's now stabilised and a 720p HD video mode. So can the Canon G12 make its mark in the highly competitive market for expert compacts and fight off the likes of the Nikon P7000, Panasonic LX5 and Samsung EX1 (TL500)?

3rd November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 ReviewThe Canon G12 carries much of the same DNA that make up its G11 and G10 predecessors. When Canon brought the G10 to market a couple of years ago with 14.7 megapixels wedged onto a 1/1.7-inch sensor, criticism was immediate over less than stirring ISO noise performance. The G11 debuted with the same sized sensor but - surprise! - a reduced resolution of "only" 10 megapixels.

2nd November 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 ReviewThe Canon PowerShot G12 is the 2010 version of Canon’s premium compact camera, aimed at the DSLR owner looking for a backup model or the enthusiast who wants DSLR functionality without the added size and weight. The new Canon G12 inherits most of the core features of its predecessor, the G11 - 10-megapixel CCD sensor, 2.8 inch vari-angle LCD screen, 5x, 28-140mm equivalent zoom lens, RAW image capture, optical viewfinder, 4.2fps burst mode, flash hotshoe, 1cm macro mode, ISO 80-3200 and full range of manual shooting modes. Brand new additions to the G12 include 720p HD video recording, a front control dial, hybrid image stabilisation system, multi-aspect shooting, High Dynamic Range mode, an electronic level, SDXC card compatibility and an optional Lens Filter Adapter.

27th October 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 | Digital Camera ReviewCanon has an impressive amount of successful camera series. Recently, ten years of the Digital IXUS camera was celebrated, which is still a good seller. The Canon PowerShot G-series is such a camera line that is especially popular among enthusiastic amateur photographers, but also professional photographers that want to have an extra compact camera on the side. Just before the start of the Photokina 2010, Canon introduced its most recent G-model, the Canon PowerShot G12.
Canon PowerShot G12 – Featured User ReviewJake posted on Twitter about how much he loved his new Canon PowerShot G12 camera. I invited him to share his G12 love with the world by writing a user review here on He outdid himself on the review with tons of details on the camera’s performance, features and specs. Since his review was also our first for the Canon G12, I decided it needed to be honored by making it a Featured User Review.

19th October 2010

DCRP Review: Canon PowerShot G12The PowerShot G12 ($499) is the latest model in Canon's flagship G-series of digital cameras. It's a relatively minor update to the PowerShot G11, adding some features.

There's nothing really ground-breaking here, but it's a nice upgrade nonetheless. There are two "downgrades" on the G12: battery life has dropped about 5%, and the manual is now in PDF format on an included CD-ROM.

So what hasn't changed? The G12 retains the same (28 - 140 mm zoom lens, high resolution rotating LCD, rangefinder-style design, full manual controls, and expandability of the G11 that came before it. And did I mention the optical viewfinder, which has become all too rare on compact cameras these days?

Is the PowerShot G12 the ultimate compact camera? Find out now in our review!

18th October 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 First LookWhen Canon brought out the G10 a couple years back with 14.7 megapixels on a 1/1.7" sensor, ISO noise performance came in for a steady diet of criticism. The G11 kept the sensor size but backed off resolution to 10.1 megapixels and the gripes about ISO performance disappeared. The G12 has made its debut and you'll be happy to know Canon didn't mess with success - the 1/1.7" sensor returns along with the 10.1 megapixel resolution.

18th October 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 First ImpressionsThe Canon G11 has served me well as a compact carry around camera. I know this camera well and was excited to think about the Canon G12. As expected, Canon has updated this camera and released the new version as the G12. This is my first impression.

18th October 2010

Canon PowerShot G12Canon PowerShot G12 expert review: The Canon G12 offers some interesting improvements upon the Canon PowerShot G11. But are they enough to justify an upgrade? Read our Canon G12 review and find out.

The latest in its G-series range of high-flying compact cameras, Canon's PowerShot G12 replaces the flagship PowerShot G11 just a little over a year after the latter was released. The G11 received rave reviews on its launch, and the Canon G12 offers some interesting new features over its predecessor. In our in-depth Canon G12 review we test the articulated screen, ISO range, image quality and more in this latest Canon compact camera.

4th October 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 reviewThe new Canon PowerShot G12 camera features a powerful combination of high-sensitivity image sensor and a fast DIGIC 4 processor. The Canon PowerShot G12 is an advanced digital camera, a perfect (extra) small camera for the enthusiastic and professional photographer.

30th September 2010

The Big, Bad Canon PowerShot G12 review is here!The Canon PowerShot G12 belongs to an awesome class of digital cameras that specialize in fixed lenses, advanced manual controls, and larger imaging sensors than competing point-and-shoot compacts. Check out our full analysis of this monster fixed lens compact, complete with image samples and HD videos.

28th September 2010

Canon PowerShot G12Meet the Canon PowerShot G12 -- successor to the G11, winner of an Editors' Choice Award when we gave it the review treatment way back in October last year. We're chuffed to bits that Canon has decided to give CNET UK the chance to mess around with the all-new G12 ahead of its release this October.

14th September 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 is Nice, but...Score one for Nikon. In a week where the two heavy hitters announced their premium compact cameras -- Nikon Coolpix P7000and the Canon PowerShot G12 -- Nikon upped Canon in one critical area: audio recording.

14th September 2010

Canon PowerShot G12 - First Look review - Hands-on the new high-end compactPocket-lint got some exclusive hands on time with the Canon PowerShot G12 behind closed doors before the global announcement today. We've brought you the news and shown you the camera from every angle, but here's what we garnered from our time with the new high-end compact.

14th September 2010

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