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Reviews: Canon EOS 60D

by PhotoVideoOnline on 02/17/2011

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Discover your creative side with the EOS 60D. Express yourself by producing stunning stills or Full HD Movies using the vari-angle LCD screen and the advanced creative features.

  • 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Advanced creative features
  • Vari-angle 7.7cm (3.0”) 3:2 ratio LCD
  • Full HD movies
  • DIGIC 4
  • ISO 100-6400, H:12800
  • 5.3fps shooting for up to 58 JPEGs
  • 9-point cross type AF System
  • iFCL metering with 63-zone Dual-layer Sensor

Canon EOS 60D DSLR - Shooting from the middle ground
In designing the much-anticipated EOS 60D, Canon decided against a simple upgrade of the previous model, the EOS 50D. Instead, the company opted for a redefinition of its range to create a middle ground between the semi-pro EOS 7D and the entry level EOS 550D.
The upshot of this strategy is that the EOS 60D sees a number of improvements from its predecessor while abandoning some of the EOS 50D pro features. Among the tweaks, the EOS 60D has an increased sensor resolution of 18Mp; it has an articulated 3in LCD screen; 1080p HD movie capture with manual controls, and an extended ISO range.
17th February 2011
Test: Canon EOS 60D, the mid-range camera
Canon’s latest digital SLR fits neatly between the 550D and the higher-priced 7D in the EOS range. David Kilpatrick finds out how the 60D fares against them
I heard a story about someone asking for advice on an upgrade from a Canon EOS 400D. On being told that the 550D was a very significant advance, their response was that “it wasn’t a bigger camera” – and if they got an upgrade, it had to be a bigger one… There’s only one clearly visible groundbreaking feature the newly released 60D has that the smaller 550D lacks, and that is the rotating, tilting, swivelling, reversing rear-LCD screen. The other advances are not so obvious, but many will buy it simply because it is that bigger, familiar two-digit Canon body size.
9th February 2011
Canon EOS 60D Review
The EOS 60D is Canon’s most recent digital SLR aimed at the enthusiast/serious shooter market, and is the next generation of the EOS 50D. This camera is a good upgrade for photographers seeking to move into more professional territory, beyond, say, the entry-level Canon EOS Rebel T2i. But it’s so user-friendly right out of the box that photo hobbyists can easily go from a point-and-shoot camera to shooting with the 60D.
3rd February 2011
Canon EOS 60D
After a longer wait than normal, Canon introduced the EOS 60D to a market keen for its arrival. It arrived into a world where digital SLRs can be seen gracing the neck of everyone who's ever thought of being a photographer, so it wasn't surprising that Canon seemed to have rethought its entry-level prosumer digital SLR. The design of the Canon 60D is slightly smaller, and more specifically aimed at the advanced amateur market, better fitting into the niche occupied by the Nikon D90 and now the D7000, while the Canon 7D remains a better match for the Nikon D300S, as both are cameras aimed more toward those making money with their photographs. The redesign still mostly adds and improves features, like the 18-megapixel sensor, Full HD Movie mode, and Vari-angle LCD, but there's at least one feature deletion that is a little frustrating, which we'll get to shortly.
29th January 2011
Until the arrival of the 7D this range of cameras was the best of Canon’s superior APS sensor cameras. The 60D is the new standard setter in this class of camera, competing head-on with the new Nikon D7000. The big question for happy owners of earlier models in the series will be: Should I trade up? It might depend on how much you want the movie facility.
24th November 2010
Canon EOS 60D Review
We review Canon's EOS 60D DSLR camera which features 16.2 megapixels, 6 fps, and 1080p HD video recording and competes closely with Nikon's D7000.
What a difference two years makes in DSLR Land. The replacement for 2008’s 50D, the new Canon EOS 60D not only has more resolution, higher ISO capability and the ability to take Full HD videos, it even has a swivel LCD screen. Given all these improvements, the price happily remains the same. Let’s see if this $1,100 camera is worth the cash…
19th November 2010
Canon EOS 60D
The $1,099 (direct, body only) 18-megapixel Canon EOS 60D is an update to the Canon EOS 50D, and is Canon's first D-SLR digital camera to feature an LCD mounted to an articulating arm, for viewing from nearly any angle. Though Canon's late to this game, the 60D is an excellent camera that can produce beautiful images, even in the most challenging lighting conditions.
17th November 2010
The World According to Roland Canon EOS 60D Review
The Canon x0D series has always been the flagship cropped frame APS-C model in the Canon line up of DSLR before the arrival of the Canon EOS 7D. xoD models before the 60D has always fitted in a gap that Nikon (Canon’s main rival) has no direct model to compete with, above the Nikon D90 and below the Nikon D300. With the introduction of the new EOS 60D, Canon has moved it down to directly compete with the Nikon D90. However, ironically, Nikon has moved the D90 successor, the D7000 to directly compete with the Canon EOS 50D.
17th November 2010
HDSLR Shopping? What You Want is a Canon 60D
If you’re shopping for a DSLR right now, for the primary purpose of shooting video (being familiar with all the pros and cons), what you want is the Canon 60D.
I felt compelled to write this because the 60D seems to get left out of the conversation a lot, and it shouldn’t. It’s the best filmmaker’s DSLR out there right now. People still ask my which they should buy, the 5D Mark II or the 7D, and when I recommend the 60D, I sense resistance. How is it possible that a sub-$1,000 camera body shoots video as good as one costing $600 more?
14th November 2010
Canon EOS 60D Review Diary
We were quite surprised when Canon launched the EOS 7D and put 18 Megapixels on an APS-C sized sensor. Overall we liked the 7D a lot and found the image quality (e.g. noise) very good for a non Full Frame camera. Then the Canon EOS Rebel T2i (550D) got about the same image quality as the 7D. As a camera the 7D is way more advanced but the Rebel T2i does the job. We bought one for our own work (we also own a Canon 5D Mark II and 1Ds Mark III, the 1Ds is rarely used because we like it as light as possible).
13th November 2010
Canon 60D Digital Camera Review
The Canon EOS 60D represents the middle of Canon’s SLR lineup, but it is a top-notch camera in terms of performance, handling and flexibility. We found that it had excellent color accuracy and took sharp images, although the 18-135mm kit lens that Canon sells with it has some issues.
11th November 2010
Canon EOS 60D review
With both the cameras either side of the Canon EOS 50D featuring 18-million-pixel APS-C sensors, it was only a matter of time before it was replaced. So it came as no surprise when, in August this year, Canon announced that, after two years’ service, the EOS 50D was going to be discontinued in favour of the new Canon EOS 60D. However, while the new camera is a direct replacement for the EOS 50D, the introduction of the 18-million-pixel EOS 7D has a seen a slight shift in the position of the ‘double-digit’ camera within the EOS range. No longer is the double-digit EOS the last step before professional DSLRs are reached. That position is now occupied by the EOS 7D and EOS 5D Mark II. This repositioning means the Canon EOS 60D has undergone some remodelling befitting its stature.
Canon EOS 60D Review
Canon's X0D series has throughout its life appealed to a wide range of photographers, from enthusiasts and semi-pros through to some pros who appreciated having a lightweight option. Each model offered a high enough specification (usually in terms of build quality and AF sophistication) to ensure it was both aspirational and attainable for users who had out-grown their Rebel/XX0D series. However, the feature set always left a sizeable gap below the company's full-blown 'pro' models.
November 2010
Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera Review
That the Canon EOS 60D was introduced was no surprise. A long history of xxD bodies and a leak from a prominent software company pointed to a fall 2010 availability of the EOS 50D successor, the EOS 60D. The big question remaining in my mind was - "How would Canon slot a 60D between the 50D, the Rebel T2i/550D and the 7D?"
8th November 2010
Canon EOS 60D review
The Canon EOS 60D is a pumped-up powerhouse of a digital SLR. It's crammed full of class-leading but consumer-friendly features that could make it the only camera an amateur photography enthusiast will ever need.
In Canon's digital SLR range, the EOS 60D sits between the just-above-entry-level EOS 550D and the serious EOS 7D. The 60D has some of the 550D's user-friendliness, while also offering some of the 7D's high-end technology, including its advanced metering system.
1st November 2010
Canon EOS 60D DSLR Review
Canon has been busy redesigning its range of cameras, now creating four distinct levels. The Rebel T2i is regarded as Canon's current amateur camera, the 7D is aimed at semi-pros, and cameras such as the 5D Mark II and 1DS Mark III are firmly aimed at professionals.
This has left a big gap though for enthusiastic amateurs looking to upgrade from an entry-level camera.
Canon EOS 60D: Hands-On Review
Hot New 18MP DSLR With Rotating LCD and Other New Features
Employing some of the technology and features developed for the pricey EOS 7D, the new EOS 60D is lighter, more compact and more affordable. It fills the gap between that semi-pro camera and the entry-level EOS models, clearly targeting the serious hobbyist. In addition to some new functions, this DSLR is the first in the EOS series with two entirely new features: a fully articulated LCD screen and image modification features in Playback mode.
20th October 2010
Canon EOS 60D digital SLR camera
Canon's EOS 60D digital SLR camera is a joy to use in all photography situations. It's fast, it performs very well in the dark, it takes crisp and vibrant pictures, and it offers plenty of physical improvements over the 50D. In fact, it gives you plenty of reasons not to go for the more expensive EOS 7D! However, we do think that its buttons could be a lot better; they are almost flush with the body and feel too squishy.
15th October 2010
Canon EOS 60D Review
The Canon EOS 60D is a new prosumer DSLR camera. Successor to the two year old 50D, the EOS 60D offers a number of key highlights, including an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, 3 inch vari-angle LCD screen, Full HD video capture with manual controls, 5.3 frames per second burst shooting, a 9-point all cross-type autofocus AF system, DIGIC 4 image processor, Canon’s 63-zone iFCL metering system, support for SD / SDHC / SDXC cards and an ISO range of 100-12800.
14th October 2010
Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Review
Canon EOS 60D review - Canon's latest DSLR aimed at advanced enthusiasts boasts a high resolution 18Mp CMOS sensor, Full HD video recording and an articulated swivel screen for live view shooting from any angle.
12th October 2010
[Review] Canon 60D… A real step forward for every DSLR enthusiast
There have been rampant rumors about a possible replacement of the not-so-fantastic Canon 50D for YEARS – actually over a year and half! Where many gave up on a 50D replacement and moved away to Nikon with their fantastic D90, others wanted to believe that one day, Canon will fix the underwhelming 50D and release a better, faster and up-to-date DSLR with what we knew will be the 60D. And today, two years after the 50D was released, Canon officially reveals to the world its 60D, and it does not disappoint!
11th October 2010
Canon EOS 60D
Provided you don't need ultra-fast shooting speed or a tough chassis, the 60D is ideal for anyone looking for a video-enabled SLR. Just don't expect a true successor to the 50D.
8th October 2010
Canon EOS 60D review - pre-production model
Time has been running out for the Canon EOS 50D ever since Canon announced the Canon EOS 7D, and it was clearly in extra time once the Canon EOS 550D was unveiled, so it’s replacement, the Canon EOS 60D, doesn’t come as a huge surprise to many.
Canon EOS 60D review
The Canon EOS 60D is a mid-range DSLR featuring 18 Megapixels, HD video and a fully-articulated screen. Announced in August 2010, it's the official replacement for the EOS 50D, but Canon's repositioned the new model from the semi-pro status of its predecessor into a new mid-range category for the company. As such the EOS 60D sits in-between the upper entry-level EOS 550D / T2i and the semi-pro EOS 7D, allowing it to directly compete against Nikon's highly successful mid-range DSLRs like the D90 and D7000.
October 2010
Canon EOS 60D
A DSLR camera for photo enthusiasts who also want to be able to record Full HD video clips.
Photo Review Editor's Choice
October 2010
Canon EOS 60D Preview
First impressions of the new 18 megapixel Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera, including some full-size sample photos.
Despite replacing the EOS 50D in the Canon range, the new EOS 60D is more similar in specification to the EOS 7D.
28th September 2010
Chad Soriano
Canon EOS 60D Verdict and Video Review
The highly anticipated Canon EOS 60D with the first ever articulating screen for a Canon DSLR has landed on the shores of my PhotoBlog. The 18 megapixel Canon 60D replaces the Canon 50D as the prosumer DSLR in between the fabulous Rebel T2i/550D and the more professional Canon 7D. The 60D also puts itself in the middle with its price point. At $1099 for the body only, the 60D is only $300 more than the Rebel T2i/550D. What do you get for $300 more? Read on and you will be pleasantly surprised.
27th September 2010
First Look – Canon 60D
I got my hands on one of the first production Canon EOS 60D camera bodies this week. It’s a big upgrade to the 50D which in my opinion, was always sort of an out of place camera.
17th September 2010
Canon 60D Impressions: The Perfect Video DSLR Is Just a Little Bit Closer
The 60D, Canon’s new midrange DSLR, is a whole lot like the Rebel T2i inside—still fantastic. It’s what’s outside that’s better, a flip-out swivel screen and more rugged body that tug the camera closer toward video DSLR nirvana.
15th September 2010
F-Stop academy’s Den Lennie gets his hands on early Canon 60D
Den Lennie of the F-Stop academy, who is producing my soon to be available training DVD, has made this short video about the Canon 60D. It certainly looks like a great addition to any news shooting kit.
10th September 2010
Canon EOS 60D review
It is notable that the Canon EOS 60D has a more compact format. Additionally, the body’s material is not made of magnesium, but polycarbonate on an aluminum chassis. The weight has decreased by about 70 grams. You can almost speak of a entry-level DSLR camera, although the specifications are too serious for that. The Canon EOS 60D fills the gap between the EOS 7D and the 550D, a digital SLR camera for the enthusiastic photographer that wants a bit more than pure simplicity.
6 September 2010
Canon EOS 60D: Hands-on Preview
A few weeks ago, Canon was gracious enough to allow me to spend and hour or so with a prototype of the new Canon EOS 60D. Given all the rumors that have been circulating, it’s no big surprise that the 60D has appeared and that it fits neatly into the Canon DSLR lineup between the Canon EOS Rebel T2i and the Canon EOS 7D.
September 2010
What's New in the Canon EOS 60D: Full Video Feature Set Explained
The new Canon EOS 60D is a perfect step-up camera for the amateur photographer who may currently be using an EOS Rebel model, but one aspect of its feature set is sure to appeal to high-end users: its HD video capabilities.
29 August 2010
Canon 60D Vs 7D
Browsing some websites and forums this morning I noticed a lot of discussion about the new Canon 60D and how it compares with the 7D. I can understand this, at first glance it might seem like the 60D has made the 7D somewhat obsolete but that really is not the case.
27th August 2010
Canon EOS 60D First Look
The Canon 60D is a much-anticipated successor to the EOS 50D DSLR. Canon offered DCR the chance to shoot with a pre-production model in (of all places) Yellowstone National Park a few weeks ago. Take a look at some sample images from wild Wyoming straight from the brand-spanking-new EOS 60D.
26th August 2010
Hands On: Canon EOS 60D DSLR
You don’t have to search far to find an overriding theme for Canon in 2010: high-definition video. Every new DSLR introduced by the company this year has included it, and the new EOS 60D ($1099, body only) is no exception.
25th August 2010
Canon EOS 60D Preview
Canon's X0D series has, throughout its life been the company's offering for a range of photographers from enthusiasts and semi-pros through to some pros who appreciated having a lightweight option. Each model offered a high enough specification (usually in terms of build quality and AF sophistication) to ensure it was both aspirational and attainable for users who had out-grown their Rebel/XX0D series. However, the feature set always left a sizeable gap below the company's full-blown 'pro' models.
August 2010
Canon EOS 60D Hands-on Preview
The long-awaited Canon EOS 60D comes with some incremental upgrades, a few unexpected losses, and some nice surprises; what was not a surprise was its easy and straightforward operation for one already familiar with cameras in this prosumer line, and excellent image quality across the ISO range.
26 August 2010
My thoughts on the new Canon EOS 60D & Canon L lenses
At $1.100 body-only, it’s positioned between the entry-level T2i/550D and the 7D and picks the “best of both worlds” regarding its features.
26 August 2010
Canon EOS 60D Review
Successor to the venerable EOS 50D or big brother to the 550D? In a bid to find its place in the world, Canon's new 60D boasts an 18Mp sensor and a pivoting LCD, and serves up a few (mostly nice) surprises
26th August 2010
Hands On: Canon EOS 60D DSLR
You don’t have to search far to find an overriding theme for Canon in 2010: high-definition video. Every new DSLR introduced by the company this year has included it, and the new EOS 60D ($1099, body only) is no exception.
25 August 2010
Hands-On Preview of the Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR
Yes, the 60D is an interesting low-mid-tier digital SLR but probably not the breakthrough camera pro photographers have been waiting for. That could be on it's way though. The big Canon Expo show is taking place in New York City next week and who knows what's on the horizon.
25 August 2010
Hands-on preview: Canon 60D delivers major changes over 50D
As it seems with every other generation of Canon dSLRs, the EOS 50D was a solid, if somewhat uninspired follow-up to the extremely well-received 40D. Now it's the 60D's turn to be the interesting model. It combines some of the best elements of the T2i and 7D in an updated--and occasionally frustrating--redesigned body.
25 August 2010
Canon EOS 60D 18 MP DSLR
For a camera that does dual duty for still and video photography, I think the EOS 60D is hard to beat right now, especially at a price of only $1099.00.

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